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Iron Man Mark 44 (Hulkbuster) 1/4 Scale Statue


License: Marvel
Material: Polystone
Size: 96.6cm (H) x 74.5cm (W) x 75.6cm (D)
Edition Size: 888pcs
Estimated Deliverty Date: Quarter 3 2022

About the Character
To release the Scarlett Witch’s hold on the Hulk’s mind.
Stark has no other choice than to bring in the big guns,
the MARK 44 commonly referred to as the HULKBUSTER.
A suit of armor that was designed to do one thing,
stop the hulk from causing complete and utter chaos.
The Mark 44 is an Extra-Duty Modular Armor.
The Armor was created specifically by Stark and Banner to stop the Hulk.
The MK44 is three feet taller than the hulk making it the largest model yet.

About the Statue
This is one of the few Iron Man armors that is constantly changing because of its modular nature.
Our team thought it would be best to include a little something extra. Just in case the Hulk shows up.
Our team have included various glowing features.
Like our other various 1/4 statues, the main material used it a polystone resin.
Once sculpted, it is then finished with a red and gold color scheme,
then a finish is applied which resembles the texture of the metals used for the MK44.

Body and base
As a salute to Tony Starks intelligence, Queen Studios brings you the 1:4 HULKBUSTER statue.
Our team have used a polyresin stone to create this goliath armor.
Every aspect of this statue perfectly represents the armor which was created to subdue the Hulk.
The Mark44 is stood ruble of Sokovia. Ready to smash the hulk. The armor is mid stride, approaching the Hulk.
The color palette reflects that of the classic Iron Man armor, rocket-car red and gold.

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